About the Author

I love to write! I’m asked all the time what genre do I like to use. Answer? I’m all over the place. I don’t plan on having a “series” of anything at the moment, I just want the original piece to stand on it’s own without a follow up. Three Days in Heaven was my second book, but the first one I ever published. So far I have at least four other projects in the works and one already finished; just doing some final editing. Port Summerville is due out this summer and I can’t wait! Next on the list is Right Heart, Wrong Love. It is a love story of sorts. One that I am especially excited about is Suicide by Death. Suicide by Death was my second published book, It’s hard to put into words how you would take a serious topic like this and approach it with humor and wit, but I did and maintained a level of respect to those impacted by such a tragedy.

Mark Anthony Waters