New Author Website

I hope to have a new site up and running within about a month—

The intent of the site is to introduce aspiring authors and writers a place to show off their work to the world without all the noise. What I mean is simple, anyone with an idea and a few bucks can get published. Let’s face it, there is a ton of it is garbage out there, and we have to compete with that crap. The site will adhere to a strict set of criteria that you must meet to be considered. We will keep the number of titles to a minimum for each genre. After you are approved, the site will feature a picture of your front and back cover and include “blurbs” and comments about your book. We will include audited and peer reviews of your work. Also a book description similar to how online book retailers do it and link to those same popular sites that already have your book listed for sale, such as Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Nobel. During our “ramp-up” phase, we will not charge for the listing. Some have suggested $5 to 10 dollars for a 30 day listing when the site is fully functional. We will be forming “the company” as a non-profit organization and use the funds for upkeep and promotional and marketing resources for the site. Check out the Facebook page at (copy and search)

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