Be Just Like a Doctor!

I’ve been critical of the comment one of the hosts on the “The View” made about the “doctor stethoscope”. I owe her a debt of gratitude. Those that know me are aware that I have been an entrepreneur most of my life, having said that, I am proud to announce “Mark’s School of Advanced Use of a Stethoscope”. It will be a school of higher learning in the proper use and care of the stethoscope. After completing the nine-week course, you too can be an advanced operator of this delicate piece of medical equipment. If you are already an RN, LVN, ANP, PA or NP, you too can be just like a doctor! Your certificate will allow you to use your “doctor stethoscope” just like any other MD! Your friends and family will be so proud after you ceremoniously cross the stage and receive your certificate.

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