Suicide by Death- The Foreword


Mark Anthony Waters has written a book that will stare you in the face. As you read, it will take you into the mind of someone whose life no longer has meaning or purpose. Suicide by Death hopes to give the reader a better understanding of suicide, attempts at it, and maybe a few answers for the survivors of a loved one who succeeded. Mark has done his research and has brought that knowledge to combine it with his personal experiences into the story.

The book is frank and honest, and some of it with a hint of dark humor. As the reader starts into this story, the lingering question early on, is, “Does she, or doesn’t she?”

While reading Suicide by Death to prepare the foreword for his book, I cheered the main character on, then in the same breath, yelled at her to get help. I believe you will feel the same way. In my book series, “The For Keeps Series,” the main character’s sister is an alcoholic and drug addict. I also cheered her on with every keystroke, hoping she wouldn’t take another drink or take more drugs. She drank and partied to drown the pain after being raped as a young teen: I was nine. She did this again… again… and again, and then some more. Mark’s character tries to deal with the demons that taunted her; unfortunately, my sister didn’t.

I hope Mark’s book might give strength to those who have lost a friend or loved one to suicide. I pray for those thinking about hurting or killing themselves or those who have tried. Suicide by Death might provide a promise that there can be better tomorrows with the right help and support.

Be prepared for an emotional journey like his first novel, Three Days in Heaven. Once again, Mark’s book brings a serious topic into the light to be examined with down-to-earth writing that puts a physical human and surroundings into your mind from the words you read.

Blessings to everyone who goes down this journey and all who need help… be brave… ask.

M. Skovlund-Author ‘The For Keeps Series’