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Best Review Ever!

“Mark Waters did it again… authored another great read that I could not put down. “Suicide By Death” lends a much needed message to anyone who has ever faced any adversity or misfortune. The poignant characters demonstrate that we all have our demons and fears which become obstacles that determine the path(s) we choose, but which path we choose is up to us. In so choosing, do not allow others’ weaknesses to control you, but rather make you stronger because you are NOT UNDESERVING OF LOVE AND HAPPINESS. “Suicide By Death” will positively affect how you view yourself, the road you are on, restore faith in yourself and restore hope, if necessary! To paraphrase what Claire said: Do not make the light at the end of the tunnel a train – it is up to you!”

Kelli Knupp

Me and the Girls

Well, it has finally come down to this. They say that “sex sells” so here is my stab at it. This weekend here in Rockport, Texas, we celebrated our 41st annual “SeaFair” festival. Me and a few others rented a booth to sell our books written by local authors. I spotted these two beautiful women and thought, “what the hell!” Both of them are proudly diMe and the girlssplaying my latest  book, “Three Days in Heaven.”

Funerals and a Buffet

The best part of being a writer is that you have an opportunity to create different personalities. One of my favorites is someone who is a complete asshole. I can be an asshole every once in while, but for the most part my temperament is well balanced, some even say I’m a nice guy. My first book, yet to be published is titled “Port Summerville” and is soon to be released. The main character is a bit of an asshole, but can also be a nice guy on occasion. This is a bit I was running through my head tonight and I might add it to the story.