Upcoming Titles

“Port Summerville”– Due out summer 2018.

A town full of mystery and intrigue. Corrupt politicians. An out of control police force.

A wealthy family that controls everything. Criminal merchants, drug trafficking and violence, other than that, a pretty nice place to visit.

“Suicide by Death”– Already published

Chad and Clair are unlikely soul mates. Both have had demons chasing around in heads for years. Now they have new struggles. As before, his deal was drugs and alcohol, this time hers it’s alcohol and him. Both of them long to make peace with the past, deal with the present, and pray for the future. Hopefully, one day will lead to a reunion of this once lost couple; if the demons will let them.

“Right Heart, Wrong Love”– Due out,— who knows!

He was a “has-been”, college professor; she’s a likable and fanciful young woman. After his wife died with a long battle with cancer, he met a young woman that left him in a quandary. His greatest love is now gone, and a new one entered his life that tore him emotionally between the two,— and the time to choose one or the other was growing short.